This College was founded in 2016 and registered with CAC in 2019.


The aim is to promote Study and Research in Community Development and Entrepreneurship Education in Nigeria.


The objectives for which the College is established are:
1) To be a certificate and diploma awarding institution.
2) To award degree by affiliation with a university.
3) To train community professionals and entrepreneurs.
4) To transform into convectional university if need be.
5) To provide infrastructure for the development of skill acquisition. To encourage literacy, learning and co-educational training among the people.
6) To engage in social-economic research and collection of data for educational analysis for governments and non-governmental organizations and community based organizations.
7) To provide playgrounds, sports fields and all desirable amenities in that will help build the educational standard of people.
8) To engage in all types of publishing especially the publication of educational materials and high quality professional textbooks, handbooks, journals and magazines; to deal and supply educational equipment, stationary, printing materials, graphic equipment and materials and provide vocational training.
9) To provide all infrastructural, appurtenances, facilities and amenities required to carry out the aforesaid objects, including classrooms, assembly, halls, libraries, laboratories, workshops and administrative offices.
10) To enter into all contracts necessary or desirable to secure the services of teachers, tutors, instructors and other staff and to provide and supply all required instructional materials.
11) To do all such other things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.